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Les Saisons - Bed and Breakfast - Chambres d'hôtes -  7 Place de l'Oratoire Villeneuve-les-Avignon 30400
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Follow in the footsteps of renowned artists such as Van Gogh, Gauguin and Cezanne whose love affair  with the region inspired them to capture and immortalise their impressions of Provence in oils. 

Discover the landscapes and terraced cafes that still exist.  Le Cafe du nuit in Arles painted by both Van Gogh and Gaughin.  This is where they drank, discussed and debated aesthetics and in all probability quarrelled

Close to Arles are Les Alyscamps, a roman necropolis that Van Gogh and Gaughin chose as their first project to paint side by side.

Not far from his home town of Aix en Provence, the Mont Sainte Victoire, which held such a fascination for Cezanne still rises up on the horizon unspoilt by modern day development.

The subject of the "special light" witnessed in Provence may seem a cliché; however as you look up to the peak of Sainte Victoire you can not fail to see exactly what Cezanne saw and interpreted.

This part of the world truly is a painters paradise and whether you harbour a secret desire to paint, are already a novice or pro, then bring along your paints and sketchbooks; you won't be disappointed.