This region of France has some of the best preserved Roman antiquities that you will find anywhere. 

Orange, famed for its Antique Roman Theatre  is host each summer to Les Choregies d'Orange, a festival of Opera, Ballet and Concerts, while the towns of Nimes and Arles boast Roman Arenas so intact that they too are regularly used for similar events and of course, La Corrida.

A spectacular place that everyone should include in their itinerary is Le Pont Du Gard, a magnificent Roman aqueduct that spans the river Gard.

Heading back into Vaucluse you'll find the very special St.Remy de Provence, an exclusive and affluent provençal town that is also home to the Glanum and its recently restored Triumphal Roman arch and Mausoleum, which incidently are situated just across from the Saint-Paul hospital where Vincent Van Gogh resided as a patient.

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